Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More renewal ideas

A few days ago I listed a few of the things that renewal my spirit. I asked my congregation what renews their spirits. One person replied with this delightful list:

I renew my spirit by making a difference in someone's life while remaining anonymous.

1) Leaving a Dunkin Donuts gift card in a neighbor's mailbox (don't know if they enjoy DD but it's the delight in making someone know they've been thought of that counts).
2) Tipping the guy that pumps my gas (in the rain) a buck.
3) Sending funny birthday cards to people having a tough go of it even though it's not their b-day. Taking a big black marker to the "happy birthday" line. Works every time.
4) Sincerely saying "good job" to the co-worker WHO DRIVES ME BONKERS.
5) Sleeping until 8 on Saturday mornings....I spend from 7-8 laying in bed thanking God for every single blessing of the week. (Yes, I doze in & out of it, but I feel great at 8!)

What wonderful ideas!

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