Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eviction protest and the police

The Randolph Police had their first interaction with CityLife/VidaUrbana yesterday.
When the constable and the truck arrived for the eviction, there were 30 of us on the lawn, with signs, singing, chanting, praying.
Soon, police officers started to arrive.
One young police officer who arrived a bit later, said to the man holding a sign next to me: “What’s going on? Why are you here? What are you doing?”
Our fellow protester explained to the officer that Ketly, the homeowner, had been foreclosed and we wanted Fannie Mae to let her pay fair market rent and stay with her family until the house is sold to someone else. Also, we wanted Fannie Mae to consider, in good faith, an offer that a local non-profit has made to buy the house for cash.
Police officer nods his approval: “Good for you guys. That’s great.”
The Randolph police gave CL/VU an extra 2 hours past the deadline to try to make the deal. And they were almost as happy as we were when, 15 minutes past the deadline, as the moving truck backed into the driveway, the phone call came: eviction postponed. Fannie Mae will consider the offer.

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